Automatic Sam and The Battles of 1977

Voor de Nederlanders en Vlamingen onder ons verwijs ik u door naar onderstaande link.

And now some text in English

Sometime’s your at a club watching a band and your noticing the bands actually a larger number of audience. I spoke about Automatic Sam earlier but a short explenation for y’all. You like Hendriks? You like grooves? You like dirty? You like intense vocals? Then you like Automatic Sam! A band I like from the first time I saw them as a support act of the Dutch band “De Staat”.

The band played on the 25th of may 2014 in a club called “Paard van Troje” for a very small audience and that’s not because they suck! Actually they really played there lungs out like I am used to of this band. And The Battles of 1977? You remember Rudeboy? You remember Urband Dance Squad? Yes the vocalist of this band this band is Rudeboy from the last mentioned legendary band. The Battles of 1977 has some of that but with a more punk attitude and actually a bit like Automatic Sam: “dirty and groovy”! Really worth checking out cause both bands should be ruling the charts in every country in the world! Why? Because it makes people feel awesome when they listen to this!